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Ante Group was founded in 1983, formerly known as Zhejiang Qingtian Ante Instrument Co., Ltd. In 1994, Zhejiang Ante Instrument Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture, and in 2007, Ante Group was established. The company is located in Wenxi Ante Industrial Park, Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province. It is a comprehensive scale enterprise specializing in the production of instruments and meters, LED energy-saving lamps, and the operation of the park.

Ante Group has 6 domestic subsidiaries and 4 foreign energy meter joint ventures and cooperative companies. The 6 domestic subsidiaries are Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ante Lighting Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ante Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qingtian Ante Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd., Qingtian Ante Packaging Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Ante Microfinance Co., Ltd .; 4 foreign joint ventures and joint ventures are Spain, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Bangladesh. Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd. has 9 internal departments, namely Finance Department, Personnel Administration Department, R & D Center, Laboratory, Quality Control Department, Purchasing Department, Marketing Department, Production Department and Osaki Plant Office.

Ante Group has formed a strong global marketing network. The headquarters has set up customer service centers. Shenyang, Gansu, Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou and Nanning have 6 offices, 28 provinces and municipalities have after-sales service agencies and outlets, by region Responsible for the corresponding sales liaison and after-sales service. The company's products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Spain, Portugal, the Philippines, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East. The output of the company's electric energy meters exceeded 3 million units, the total industrial output value exceeded 500 million yuan, and the export output value exceeded 45 million US dollars.

The company is Osaki's largest overseas production base, and it has carried out all-round cooperation with Japan's Osaki Electric Co., Ltd. in technology research and development, quality control, production, and marketing. The group is committed to the research and development of energy metering products. It has the top domestic energy meter design team and masters the most advanced energy meter design and production technology in China. Spain, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Bangladesh all have joint ventures to jointly develop and consolidate the local market.

The company has successfully developed various types of energy meters: DD949 series long-life meters, DDS949 single-phase electronic energy meters, DDSY949, DTSY950, DSSY950 single-phase three-phase fully electronic prepaid energy meters, DDSF949, DTSF950, DSSF950 single-phase 、 Three-phase multi-rate electric energy meter, DTSD950, DSSD950 three-phase electronic multi-function electric energy, DDSI949 type, SMART1 single-phase electronic complex rate carrier electric energy meter, DDZY949 type single-phase intelligent electric energy meter, DDSFI949 type single-phase electronic Multi-rate carrier energy meter, FKGA42 load management control terminal, DTSDN950, DSSDN950 three-phase electronic multi-function network energy meter, DTZY three-phase intelligent energy meter; and jointly developed with Japan Osaki WAV5, WAV4 three-phase electronic Multi-function electric energy meter, WAD1, WBD1 single-phase electronic energy meter.

The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of "survive by quality, develop by technology", and is the first to pass the ISO9001 certification. The products cover single-phase, three-phase, all-electronic multi-rate, multi-function, collective management system, load control management terminal, etc. More than 160 specifications and models have been included in the "Recommended Catalog of Major Equipment Products and Manufacturing Enterprises for the Construction and Transformation of the National Urban Network" by the State Economic and Trade Commission. In 2004, it obtained the Karma certification signed by the Dutch Electrotechnical Association.

The group occupies nearly 100 acres and has a standard factory building of 26000m2, covering various equipment including testing, production, calibration, testing, packaging, and shipping. It has more than 200 employees, including 2 senior engineers, 16 intermediate engineers, and assistant engineers. 7 people, 2 people have a master's degree; 2 resident technicians from Japan Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.